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TJA Accounting

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the accounting to us.

What We do


Accounting Services

We analyze your financial records and provide in-depth reporting and summarization of your financial data. We help you understand what the reports mean to your business and how to plan for a successful future.


Bookkeeping services

JTA Accounting provides complete bookkeeping services. Our services include but are not limited to:

Banking, Loan, Credit Card, and Account Reconciliations. Accounts payable and Receivable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, Job costing, Form Preparations…


financial advisory

JTA Accounting does not provide investment advice, however, we can provide financial advice based on your current financial positions, balance sheets, AR Aging, AP Aging and other factors that impact current and future cash flow.

Why choose Us

Accurate record keeping

Always on time

We make sure all your reporting documents are complete and submitted on time.

Hard working

We work hard in the background so you can focus on running your business.

24/7 availability

If you have a question or concern, we are here for you. Your business and success are important to us. We want to be available at all times.


What Our clients say?

Jessica and Tony have done and outstanding job getting my financials in order. My stress level has been reduced knowing they are taking care of my bookkeeping and accounting which allows me time to concentrate on running my business.
Client Name
For years I paid for accounting services but never knew exactly what the reports meant. Since TJA took over, Tony explains everything in a way that I understand. Not only does he explain everything to me, he makes helpful suggestions on how to improve my bottom line.
Client Name
I wish I hired Jessica and Tony years ago. They know what they are doing and have helped me stay current on all my filings. What used to be a huge weight on my shoulders has now been lifted since Jessica and Tony keep everything up to date.
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